Season 2,

65: Johnny Quinn, Think Like an Olympian

September 04, 2018

Life is never a straight path. It’s full of twists and turns, and challenges and opportunities that arise when we least expect them. This week we hear from Johnny Quinn, who transitioned to Olympic bobsledding after an injury and the loss of a pro football contract. Quinn has faced adversity in his own life time and time again and says the way he’s made it through is by learning the importance of flexibility and having a backup plan.

Not only do plans change, people also carry with them invisible barriers of their own that they need to identify and deal with in order to move forward in life. It’s possible to overcome these mental hurdles by borrowing wisdom from others, as Quinn says. Everyone has different strengths and abilities. By learning to hustle each one and diversify, you can compete your way to success, even if that success isn’t what you first thought it would be. It all comes down to taking opportunities as they come and learning to adapt.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Push through barriers and adversity to achieve your goals
  • Mentally rebound from challenges and adapt to new directions
  • Develop a Plan B and play to your varied strengths
  • Borrow wisdom from people who have gone before you
  • Set up boundaries in order to protect your time and maximize your day


“Every athlete knows you’re going to play your last play at some point. You don’t know when it is.” -Johnny Quinn

“When an opportunity shows up, you’ve got to be ready.” -Johnny Quinn

“A lot of times we can walk through life with these invisible barriers. Maybe it was something that parents said growing up. Maybe it was a failed business venture. Maybe it was a relationship gone south. It’s almost like a ball and chain.” -Johnny Quinn

“If you’re willing to put in that effort every single day, you’re going to outwork and outperform even the more talented individuals that have a laundry list of accomplishments.” -Jake Thompson

“As an athlete you know it’s not going to be a straight path to a goal.” -Johnny Quinn


Follow Johnny Quinn on social media @johnnyquinnusa or on his website You can also read his new book Push.


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