Life is Worth Competing For

The Compete Every Day Podcast

A podcast for the driven who want to be Championship performers who make an impact - in their work, fitness, relationships, and life.

Each week, Compete Every Day's Jake Thompson interviews leaders, athletes, and winning coaches from sports, fitness, psychology, and business.

Each conversation explores what drives Championship performers and how they think, act, and execute to win in multiple areas of life. You'll learn takeaways, that when applied, can make big positive changes in your life.

This podcast is for individuals who desire to be better than yesterday, to compete every day, and to be a Champion in their life.

Jake Thompson

Host + Chief Encouragement Officer

Jake Thompson is the Founder + Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day and host of the “Better Than Yesterday” podcast. He started his entrepreneurial journey by selling shirts from the back of his car in May of 2011, with one of his proudest accomplishments being the ability for Compete Every Day to provide employment for its growing team, allowing them to live their passion daily. 

Jake uses stories and actionable tips to teach audiences to harness the power of competition to win at work and life. He studies what the most successful competitors do in their own life to win and through story, finds unique ways to distill those lessons for his audience. He has spoken with diverse organizations, including corporate workshops, schools, personal development conferences, and entrepreneurship programs, sharing how each one of us has the ability to apply the Key Characteristics of A Competitor and be successful.

You can learn more about Jake at his personal website, JakeAThompson.com.

Jake Thompson
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Compete Every Day

Inspire the Competitor Within You

Compete Every Day (CED) is a lifestyle brand committed to providing you positive motivation, relevant tools, & a thriving, welcoming community to fuel your journey to reach new levels of success regardless of your goals & aspirations. Never forget, your life is worth competing for, every day. 

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