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69: Jordan Pugh, Overcoming Life’s Interceptions

October 02, 2018

Having personal goals and understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing is the key to competition and fulfillment. This week, we hear from former NFL defensive back and current coach, trainer, and motivational speaker Jordan Pugh. He shares tips on how to adjust when things change unexpectedly, how to define your purpose, and how to keep the passion for what you do.

After his career took a sudden turn, Pugh had to adapt to life and work off the field. What he found was that the structure and strategies he learned through sports could easily be applied to everyday life, as well. He took advantage of the opportunities he had and made the transition to helping others find their paths. There will always be adversity in sports and life, but how we face that and cope is what’s important. After all, competition is most effective when it’s with yourself. Learn to prove yourself right, rather than other people wrong, and you’ll find your own way to the end goal.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Develop a global view of what you want to accomplish
  • Create a Plan B and work through a tough transition
  • Focus on passion, purpose, and performance
  • Keep your sights set on the end goal
  • Navigate bumps in the road and learn to adjust and shift along the way


Understanding what the purpose is, the ultimate goal, the end goal, the end game, that’s what keeps you going, that’s what keeps you in it, that’s what keeps your feet firm into the ground.” – Jordan Pugh

Everything that we have is on borrowed time. Being able to take advantage of it, execute on it, and move forward is the most important deal.” – Jordan Pugh

Adversity is going to happen. Period.” – Jordan Pugh

“If you have a desire to be an athlete, a doctor, a lawyer, whatever you want to be, put the work in now in order to be able to get that later.” – Jordan Pugh

Don’t let anybody tell you what you can’t do.” -Jordan Pugh


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You can find out more about his training at or @PughTraining on Instagram.


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