Season 2,

71: Coach Dar, Raise the Bar

October 16, 2018

Everyone will face setbacks in their own life. That’s something Coach Dar knows well. This week, Darleen Santore shares her story of being an occupational therapist specializing in traumatic brain injury and strokes—who has also had several strokes herself. She shares advice on how to move past the unexpected challenges life throws at you and use what you learn from those hard times to propel you forward into a stronger tomorrow.

It comes down to two things: being grateful for what you have now, but not settling for who you are today. By focusing on the big, long-term picture, but practicing small positive steps every day, it’s possible to be present, yet forward-thinking. By shifting the framework of how you approach each day, you can start using setbacks as the fuel for reaching your peak.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Use small positive steps to push through negative moments
  • See the big picture, but focus on taking one step at a time
  • Practice gratitude every day
  • Become a servant leader to give back while following your goals
  • Constantly raise the bar for yourself


Every setback either holds you back or it will propel you forward because it continues to help you understand your strengths, what you need to refine, what you could do. And if you can learn from that, you’re that much stronger going forward.” -Darleen Santore

You’ve got to believe that there is a better way, that there is a new normal, that there’s something good coming and it’s going to take you just taking one step.” -Darleen Santore 

“Everything you went through has brought you to now, so be grateful for that. And it’s right on time, so don’t fret about what went right or wrong. Just focus on now.” -Darleen Santore

“Nothing happens overnight. No great plans happen quickly. It takes time, but you have to have a level of excellence within you that wants to push and compete and show up.” -Darleen Santore 

I want people to win at life. I want them to show up and be the best they possibly could be, every day, not give up, not settle, and share their gift with the world.” -Darleen Santore

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